Too many memories…


I really do not think there is such a thing BUT I look back  at all the photos on my cell phone memory card and want to write them all down before I forget.

Look at how beautiful Ashlee is!!! This is the day after Ethan was born. Ashlee had her first sleepover with me AND away from her mommy. I remember pulling out of the hospital parking lot and in the saddest  little voice Ashlee tearfully said, “Mommy?” It was so sad I cried too. Ashlee did go to work with me for a little bit before we went to meet Ethan.

We slept in the Covington house back living room. I hardly slept all night because every five minutes I was checking to see if Ashlee was breathing. It was a nerve-wracking night. Ashlee did wake me up one time with “Wolfie” in her arms growling at me like a bear that she was scared. I couldn’t figure out why until I heard my roommate in the front room snoring…. SHE SOUNDED LIKE A BEAR.

I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Ashlee. I alway hear about this tremendous amount of love a mother has for their newborn children. I can only imagine how strong it is because my love for my nieces and nephews is extremely strong.  

Author: laurasznn

I am a conservative, slightly old-fashioned crazy girl. I love to read, write, sew, scrapbook, cook, bake, do crafts, enjoy nature, take my car off-roading, ride my bike, and just stay busy. I sometimes say I want a lazy day BUT I hate not having anything to do which means I frequently stretch myself too thin. I am the Life Enrichment Director at an assisted living facility. I love being around the elderly population. They are such amazing people who have so much to offer and teach. I also love the little guys too... I love being around kids, especially my nieces and nephews! In December of 2019 I was diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation that quite literally may have been a life changing diagnosis. I went from feeling like I was crazy. To maybe having answers.

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