Day 3 of SNOW

I know people are mocking Seattle. But we have gotten more snow in a day than we usually do in a year. It is a giant ice skating rink and the coldness bites your bones. We have two more snow storms and I am so over it. The sleep deprivation from the overnight at work has taken its toll. I am just hoping I can keep being positive at work. I think that is the hardest part– maintaining my sanity being so tired. (There is really only one person I want to push over in the snow and lock the doors!)

I am so tired I am waiting as long as I can to go to bed. A 7:00pm bedtime tonight? That seems okay to me! 7 days in a row of work… 4 more to go. I deserve an early bedtime!

Happiness- Day 1

My general manager challenged us to retrain our brains on the concept of happiness. As humans we say “If I do this, or get this, or have this… I will be happy.” Sometimes happiness can come first. When I was blogging, I felt happier. Just to express myself felt good. And although I do not feel like a talented writer, I am going to blog more often. It takes 21 days to retrain your brain!

Try something new…

I told myself I needed to try something new. Transferring to Aegis of Kent I have been reinvigorated in trying new art. I do not consider myself an artist AT ALL, but I am trying something new. I am trying and enjoying it. It has proven to be a great way to decompress in the evening. Tonight I attempted a lion and used chalk pastels.

Old people  say the darndest things….

One thing I love about keeping a blog is being able to go back and read memories from the past. Especially funny things my oldies have said or done. They make me happy and bring me such joy.

Although this was from a Facebook memory, I still wanted to share a past oldie comment and a current comment from the other day. I have the best job ever!!

What I Learned as President of Aegis Living for a Day

Today I was promoted and demoted, all within 8 hours. Getting to spend the day with the president of Aegis Living was inspiring and educational.

Here is what I learned, not just from the president but also about the home office:


Lead a Team Without Fear:

You can tell how an employee immediately feels about their supervisor by the way they speak to them and about them. I learned very quickly (and have known for a while) how many people respect and honor Judy. You can see the trust people have in her and how seriously she takes that trust.


Be Humorous:

Anyone who says there is not room for humor and fun in the workplace is working in the wrong place. You can lead a team and have them respect and listen to you at the same time. Everybody was so happy today! Now I know it might not always be that way but EVERYBODY was happy to be at work and looked like they enjoy what they do. I think that is a direct correlation to our leadership at Aegis Living. It really is important to be happy, joke, and have fun at work!


There is A lot of Boring Stuff, But Important Stuff:

3:52:51… That is how long the monthly meeting was this morning. (And they get to do it again tomorrow!) And although breaks were scheduled, they did not get them because it was more important to offer support. Yes, this meeting could be deemed boring but it was important. I have always heard about variance calls but really did not know what was involved. No matter where census was for a community, the leaders patiently listened, cheered on, and coached those involved. These meeting could easily be turned into a negative experience but it really was a time to reflect, make goals, and support each other. There is a time and place for everything (including performance reviews) and the people involved in these meetings know this full well and mentioned how it was not a time to embarrass people or belittle but to support and honor hard work. And really that it is never okay to belittle or embarrass someone.


Say, “Thank You!”:

Judy says thank you to everybody. It feels nice to be thanked and it such a simple thing to do. I have recently been actively seeking opportunities to verbally say thank you and physically write a card of thanks to those around me. Judy is great at this. I have work to do at this.



Judy works hard! Judy needs more hours in the day. I am so amazed at how she can do 5 things at once and not lose concentration or track of what is going on. Judy works hard because she honestly and truly cares.



Quote of the day, “Be honest quicker!” I mentioned that this was something I noticed about Aegis Living within the first couple months of working with them and something I had not experienced at other work places. We are humans, mistakes happen, but it is even more important to be honest and take accountability. I feel it is so easy to talk your way around situations but Aegis Living is wonderful at taking accountability and learning from experiences. It is obviously hard to be wrong, but oh so rewarding to not lose trust and respect by being honest.


There Are Coasters Everywhere:

Respect where you work! Aegis Living has done an amazing job of building an office where you can be comfortable, productive, supported, and inspired. There are quotes on the walls, inspiring art work and photographs, indoor and outdoor space. The bathrooms are amazing (and the woman’s bathroom walls are glittery!) They respect their environment and there was literally coasters everywhere to protect the beauty and amazingness of the warm and natural supplies used. (We asked a male employee to check the men’s bathroom so I could get a picture!)

I learned there is a difference between doing the right thing and a need to be financially stable and responsible. I learned Aegis Living will do anything in their power to help someone out, but being financially stable is also important in making sure buildings are properly maintained and that there is enough staff to do the work needed. It is not ALL about the finances, but they are important too.

I learned (already knew it!) how much I despise the word boss! I hope someday I can learn to be the type of boss Judy is. Judy leads with respect but does not hold herself higher than others. Judy cares about what she does and cares about the people she works with. Judy has obviously learned a lot and wants to mentor and teach and encourage those around her. Judy is smart! She is really smart!

I also learned I am not done learning from Judy! I want to learn more and have a list of questions to still ask her.

I was also reminded of all the amazing people I get to work and learn from:

Laurel Cline, my General Manager

Janaira Stokes, my Marketing Director

Chris Corrigall and Emese Crumb, the Vice President of Life Enrichment and Director of Life Enrichment

I have AMAZING MENTORS! I sometimes can not believe how lucky I am to work with such smart, supportive, and inspiring people.

And my greatest disappointment of all: I didn’t get a photo with Judy! But I did get one with the CEO and Owner, Dwayne Clark.

Break Time Musings

Some days are by far way better than others.

I have an appointment next Monday, BRIGHT AND EARLY, on my day off to get my oil changed.

This morning while driving to work the oil light came on. I pulled off to Fred Meyers to get oil, just to top it off until the appointment… and dumped it in (as well as the washer fluid which has been empty for a month now).

I went to screw on the cap and it fell





abyss of the front end.

I tried shaking the car to see if it would come lose…. No such luck.

I googled to see what to do and there suggestion was DUCT tape and a shop rag, BACK INTO FRED MEYERS I GO. I clorox wiped everything clean so the duct tape would hold and drove half a mile away to the auto part store.

You know, just my luck my car can’t be simple. It has 3… yes THREE options for the engine oil cap…. Why does there need to be three options? We took them out and tried them on the engine and one of them fit better than the rest… (Why was there females working in the shop who were clueless?)

I drove down the hill, through Renton Landing, onto Lake Washington BLVD and CLUNK! GRIND! SHAKE! That doesn’t sound or smell right. I knew either something really bad was wrong or the cap was somewhere it shouldn’t be.

I waited 30 minutes for AAA to come and tell me I didn’t need to be towed because he found the cap… all mangled and burned and stinky….


We went on for 5 minutes on if that was really the best choice to drive off or of I should still head to the mechanic… he said his only concern was they sold me the wrong engine oil cap…. UGH!!!! The mechanic agreed I would probably be okay but still extended my appointment on Monday to include some checks.

This is such a long story for a short thought: “Can I just catch a break? Please? What have I done to deserve such bad karma lately?” Good news? I didn’t break my Whole30 challenge through this pain. Even better, a coworker asked me today while we were serving pizza if things even still looked or smelled good. I answered of course, the desire is just not there to eat it. When I set my mind to something I am pretty unbreakable.