Parting is such sweet sorrow…

Ephraim is leaving for a couple months to go help his sister in Los Angeles… Kind of sad, haha… I guess I am going to have some free time on my hands. I plan on filling it with tons of exercise and hikes. I want to get out and hike… go on some nature walks and ride my bike… I just want to be outside (yet, I am typing on the computer inside… HMMMM!!!!) I have lost about 28 pounds and I want to loose about 30 more…. Here are some photos from the park on Saturday. I took Ephraim’s nieces to the park to enjoy the sun πŸ™‚Β Aren’t they beautiful??? We went to three parks… made daisy chains… walked through the woods… it was a glorious afternoon!




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Happy Easter

What a happy holiday yet still so depressing. It is still hard having holidays without my parents and all my brothers around. It just isn’t the same!!! I remember being in college and use to feel so sad on any holiday I had memories about. Two of Kaylene’s roommates are here for Spring Break because they lived too far away from home to go for a week…. I can only imagine what they are feeling. OF COURSE, if anybody had as good of a childhood as I did… holidays without the whole family would be hard…

Yesterday I went to Ephraim’s rugby game… they lost 😦 But it was a beautiful day and I even got a little sunburned! Afterwards I visited with my Grandma and Aunt Karla since the field was SUPER CLOSE and then went to a BBQ afterwards… Thank goodness for Margaret (Ephraim’s cousin!) She keeps me sane… that is the wrong choice of words but it will work for the moment… I will add photos later when my camera is inside…

WOW!!!! It has been forever….

I need to be better at a lot of things… writing in the blog… writing to my brother… exercising… so I will try today. These past two months have seem like ages! I have been busy at work with many events, planning activities, PAPERWORK, but on most days it is worth it. I have a new little niece who I absolutely love! She has joined Ashlee and my Princess Club and she fits right in… today I am going to start sewing the princess club quilts πŸ™‚

My mommy came to visit, it is always nice to have your mom around! I wish I could have taken the whole time off so I could have spent time with her. Same with my daddy and Chris coming into town. There just is never enough time in my life.

I have lost 25 pounds since the beginning of the year… go me!

I am also dating a great guy… His name is Ephraim. He is from Fiji and plays rugby right now. I love watching rugby!!! He is amazing. You can really tell his family loves him especially the little kids in his life. I went to his cousin Margaret’s birthday party last Sunday and I have come to the conclusion that the Fijian people are some of the most loving, caring people I have met.

I AM HAPPY RIGHT NOW! That is all I can really say… I will add some photos now πŸ™‚ImageImageImageImage