Do it now!

Blogging is one of those things that if I postpone it or procrastinate it, it will never get done! Not that I really have much to say EXCEPT I am very thankful for my friends!


I mean… REALLY! How many people have friends that make them the PERFECT lunch for work? And get up early on their day off to make you pork tecino and spam fried rice for breakfast (okay! All you Americans… I can only imagine what you are thinking! That is not a breakfast… BUT I am “Island living” right now in Kent, Washington!

Jessica is amazing! She even packed EXTRA pickles in my lunch! But as it is getting later and later… I am getting more and more tired so I will edit this and add the pictures and type about “The Project”s MAJOR Art Wall Decoration craft project that disintegrated most of my brain cells!

Auntie Duty

Jennifer is doing a Halloween photography event with her forever friend Stephanie. I get auntie duty. You know… I get to be the meanie-head that doesn’t let the kids go outside while all the other kids are outside playing at their house getting their photos taken 🙂 I also got a shot to feel what it is like to be a mommy… doing Ashlee’s hair while Madi was strapped to my chest. It was fun! I could do it… in a while! I love my little Fox kiddos! (And I love even more Ethan can be bribed not to cry by giving him chocolate! PIECE OF CAKE!)


Culinary Bucket List: Crab Kelaguen

Also knows as imitation crab!!! It had lemon juice, onions, hot red peppers, and pepper. It was really good. That is all I can really say about it!

I did get to go to “Wicked” tonight! It was so good! I am not a fan of driving the bus downtown Seattle during traffic though!!

Culinary Bucket List: Kare-Kare

I tried something new tonight! Kare-Kare is a Filipino Stew…. also known as Beef Oxtail… Yes, that would be the tail of an ox… It was pretty good! I actually enjoyed it. I had to pick out the chunks of gooey stuff but I really liked the meaty parts of the tail.

And of course the best part of the whole meal was the pansit! I love pansit!!!!

Rainy City


Seattle is known as being notoriously rainy! We USUALLY get rain a whole lot. I usually have a whole season of bad hair days and wet pant legs… Yesterday marked the first time in Seattle’s recorded history that 76 days elapsed with a rainfall total of only 0.03 of an inch. Seattle typically receives nearly three inches during those 76 days. It has been pretty warm but lately the mornings have been FREEZING cold! the other day I had to defrost my windows and when I left to go running the grass was frosty! I can usually dress warmly in the morning and then change into cooler clothes in the afternoon. Not today! I have been in thick socks, fleece pants, a long sleeved shirt, and hoodie cuddled under my birthday quilt all day… AND I AM STILL COLD!!! I already pulled out the boots but I think it is time to get out the winter clothes… or fall clothes at least! We are suppose to get rain at the end of the week so I need to pull out the rain coat also 🙂


On other news… Margaret sent this picture of the game room today. I can’t wait to finish it up! It is looking amazing already!



The Project

I really cannot remember which post about “the project” this is so I am just going to give it a NO PART TITLE. We need to accessorize the game room and Samuel has an artwork project for the bathroom. The game room is hard to take photos of but it is so organized and clean and spacious. It is amazing what some shelving units and organizational boxes will do for a space. Margaret said she never wanted to be in that room because it drove her crazy. I have a feeling it might become the new hang out spot in the home!

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Love it!

I love to read! On my kindle, online, a book in hand… I LOVE TO READ! I love to read all sorts books. I love British Classics, modern mysteries, HATE ROMANCE NOVELS, and love brainless quick reads. I think why I love to read so much is that I can “live in a book”. I can be a princess, or a warrior, or a rich snob… I can be poor, I can be a doctor, I can be anything in a book I read… Someone posted this picture on Facebook. It is perfect…



Decorating for holidays…

One of my favorite parts of working as a Life Enrichment Director is that I get to decorate for the holidays. Halloween is so much fun and I am slowly getting it down at work. I started in the dining room… and what made me want to blog about it is the overhearing the residents talk about them while I wait for Jessica to finish work… They love the decorations…. Here is what we did on the four pillars in the dining room. Thank you CRICUT and CONTACT PAPER! Each side has houses and bats flying around…. They are fun and easy and festive… I frequently use contact paper instead of the Cricut vinyl… SAVES MONEY 🙂