Swim Party Part TWO 7/30/2012

Cousin Sammy came to the hotel today with my grandma to play in the pool with us all. It was a blast. I also taught little baby Joey the fun of self portraits! Just preparing him for family portraits tomorrow!! HE IS SOOOOOO CUTE! I love that little guy! He melts my heart! Be prepared! A lot of photos are coming up!


7/27 Afternoon @ the Movies

Yesterday we all went to the movies. Mom, Jennifer, Ashlee, Ethan, and Blue- Eyed Madi went to see “Brave” and Daddy, Christopher, Jonny, and I went to see “The Avengers” (FINALLY!!!). IT WAS FUN! Of course we get a little immature and loud 🙂 Those who know my daddy know he is just a big kid. Growing up when we would go to the movies and the “roller coaster” advertisement for the theater would come on we would all raise our arms and pretend we were on the roller coaster. WE WENT ONA FUN ROLLER COASTER RIDE!!!! I am sure the people behind us were quite annoyed!!!


Family Dinner


Daddy finally made it to town! WOOHOO! We had a birthday dinner for Big Bubbs and Jonny at the Mongolian Grill. I don’t believe in psychics or that fortune cookies will predict the future… but if they did… I wonder what choices I will have to make this next month. What will they be about? Sometimes it is fun to think about.

7/24 Happy Birthday JJ and Big Bubs!!!

Chris needed to do some shopping so we took A and E with us and loaded all in my car for a day out. Poor Jonny had to be squeezed in between the two car seats! We did the shopping and then headed to Redondo Beach in Federal Way, WA for a picnic lunch. It was a fun little outing. On the way to take Chris to Kent, Big Bubs and Ashlee zonked out…. poor kiddos! I love my family! It is still weird not being at work. Serious withdrawals!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



My family is in town!!!

July 23 Jonny and I went downtown Seattle. We really just walked around… and of course rode the ferris wheel. It was a nice relaxing day! We even got matching shirts and sweatshirts, haha! Madi broke it in though and spit up all over mine.

The Seattle Great Wheel, a ferris wheel in Seattle, makes the waterfront an even more amazing place to visit. In a city known for its scenery and abundant sightseeing tours, this is another amazing way to soak in the classic Pacific Northwest views. Plans for the wheel have been underway for 30 years, but the first cement wasn’t poured until early spring 2012. The end of Pier 57 is the perfect place for the Seattle Great Wheel that stands 175 feet high. When each one of the 42 gondolas reaches the westernmost point of the adventure, it’s suspended right above the sparkling waters of Elliott Bay on the Seattle waterfront.