Activity Professional Appreciation Week- I got carded!

Guess What? I am an activity professional so my boss took me and 3 other ladies out to lunch today. It was a lot of fun and my day was 100% made by the events of the lunch. We arrived at Red Robins and the waitress suggested we sit in the booth at the bar because it was empty. We sat down and I told the ladies we were going to get carded. As soon as my boss sat down the waitress came and asked to see my ID. The other four adults went to reach for their IDs and she said she would be glad to look at them but she only wanted to check mine! WOOHOO! We ended up getting kicked out of the bar booth because one of the other ladies admitted to leaving hers at work. I just love that I was the only one not to get carded. I must look like a baby compared to them, haha!

NO surprise!

I changed my nail color again. Blue little snow balls… I am wishing for snow!!! I always hope it snows on my birthday… hardly ever but hey, maybe a freak snow storm will show up in the next two and a half hours…

blue dots

My friend also pained her nails sparkly pink (my favorite color!). It needed a little extra so I polka-dotted it for her. Giant bright pink and teeny-tiny silver dots. It is SO CUTE! My mind is already spinning with ideas for February/Valentine’s Day!

I ate the eggs, and tried the guts!

I think sometimes food can be a mighty big adventure! And since having an adventure was one of my new year goals… I can say I had a teeny tiny adventure tonight!
Blue Crab Blog

I ate okay TRIED Manila Blue Crab tonight! It is a crab from the Philippines that is kind of small so it has VERY little meat, leaving room for it’s slimy guts and giant, bright orange egg sacs. Yes, I tried and egg sac, and taste tested the guts, ALL while my “sissy” Jessica was telling me I wouldn’t like it… well, to be 100% honest, it wasn’t too bad… it was the thought of what I was eating that made me gag (as they sat laughing at me!). I would try it again… give me some time, but I really would try it again. I also ate the meat which I surprisingly enjoyed. So now I can cross Manila Blue Crab off my culinary bucket list. And if you want proof that I ate it, here it is:

I DID IT!!!!
I DID IT!!!!

And here is the little guy looking at me while I ate pansit with Chinese Sausage, rice, watermelon, and Sinigang (a sour soup…):


P.S.S. and Yes that is the Seahawks WINNING in the background!

A sense of impending doom…


3 Days…. 3 DAYS and I turn old. This was the first new year I actually felt old. I think a lot has to do with how busy I have been. Too much going on and not enough time. So although I hardly set New Years Resolutions, I think I have some 2013 GOALS:

  1. Feel young again- No I am not going to use anti-wrinkle cream, or dye my hair a funky color… I just want the energy i use to have… so that will include working out and making time for fun!
  2. Have an adventure this year- I want to do something I haven’t done before (like a ropes course, or skydiving) and go somewhere I have never been before (like NYC).
  3. Get a passport and go to Canada.
  4. Master the art of nail art.
  5. Pay off my car.

All of these things are very doable. Now I just need to decide what I want to do for my birthday and I would like to remind my immediate family that Facebook is not an okay way to wish me a Happy Birthday!!! So, here is to the year when I will be young again! Or at least feel young again….


So, I will not hide my obsession… All I can currently think of is how to paint my nails… I think about it all the time… ALL THE TIME… if you could only see my internet history you would see just how bad it is… a while ago we used packing tape to do image transfers… I have decided I am going to experiment and put the maintenance men’s faces on my ring fingers (because they just don’t get it…). It might actually only end up being one of the maintenance men who get the HIGH HONORS of being on my fingernails but if it works, I will post a photo… or maybe a tutorial, if I am feeling up to it 🙂 AHHH, I just did super cute bubbly looking, multi-colored polka dots on my nails and I want to remove the color and do it again!!!! HMMM, maybe I will do candles for my birthday!