Working Girl

Ahhhh! I love having a job again. I guess you could say it is my need for control and structure (or my OCD) but I CRAVE having a schedule. Think about it, for the past 6 years I have had every work day of my life on a pretty strict and structured schedule. I use to just go with the flow but now it gives me mild anxiety. I like having a plan. I like having a back up plan. I like having multiple back up plans. This makes vacationing and relaxing kind of hard.

I had my first OFFICIAL day of work yesterday. Thursday night I planned my perfect first day outfit, steamed my clothes, packed my bag…. and tried to go to sleep. It was hard. And I woke up early. So I left for work two hours early… and got to work an hour early.

The manager on duty serves breakfast for the residents, makes the coffee, does the dishes, AND cleans the dining room. How cool is that? I, of course, was a pro… been there, done that. I then met with some residents. I am so excited to show them how AMAZING an activity program can be instead of just BINGO, trivia, TV and birthday parties. It is going to be tough. Tough on the residents, and tough on my assistants. They will be busy. My assistant’s might end up hating me but it needs to be done. I have projects to plan for the Life’s Neighborhood (Memory Care) and tons of options for the Assisted Living… and a lot of organizing to do.

The General Manager suggested the marketing director and I go out to lunch because we both have a LOVE for Thai Food. Worst Thai Food I have ever tasted but Janaira and I had a great, open conversation and made some exciting plans. I even made my first marketing flyer for her.

October Week 1 Trivia

Getting my assistant’s on board will be a challenge. I need to learn how to be a BOSS. I need to learn to show authority. I need to learn to be stern but friendly. I need to learn to confront with problems. It is scary for me but a necessary skill to learn.

After I made it back to Kent from work (only took 1 hour and 15 minutes…. AMAZING!) I stopped by Arbor Village to see Tania (a resident I do shopping and other chores for). We had a giggly conversation and of course took care of business. I also chatted with some staff. I am so thankful I left AV. I really should have done it a long time ago. I am slowly but surely getting rid of the negativity in my life and it feels amazing!

Aw… one of the resident’s said he loves me! He has a crush. So funny!