Honorificabilitudinitatibus may be rendered more succinctly as “of honour”. Any word used by James Joyce (in Ulysses) and William Shakespeare (in Love’s Labour Lost) can’t be entirely dismissed from the canon of English, even though the former borrowed it from the latter, who in turn borrowed it from Latin.

It’s Latin, from honōrificābilis, honourable. Shakespeare didn’t invent this grandiose word: it first appears — in the form honōrificābilitūdo — in a charter of 1187 and ashonōrificābilitūdinitās in a work by the Italian Albertinus Mussatus about 1300.

I love words! I love reading and I love learning! I learned this word today: honorificabilitudinitatibus. I have no idea how to pronounce it so I will probably never verbally use it BUT I love it. So why this word? I said NO! I will not be the music director for the children at church! IT IS 100% beyond my comfort zone and something I am just not talented enough to do. I am honored to have been asked and I am truly grateful for all the people who had faith that I could do it BUT I am even more grateful for those who were honest and knew I probably couldn’t. I feel guilty for saying no BUT it was the right thing to do. I didn’t know people thought so much of me….

Anyways, a neighbor stopped by today and told me she NEEDED a photo of me. She told her brother-in-law she had a hot neighbor he needed to meet… I am flattered, haha!

TODAY WAS A BUSY DAY… not bad just stressful so this is what I MUST REMEMBER!


a crossroads

What do you do when you are asked to do something that makes you sick to your stomach? I was raised that when you are asked to do something…. you say yes (within reason of course!) Especially when asked to do something at church…. So let me give you some background information:

* I hardly say “no!”
* My job does indeed involve being in front of groups BUT they are small groups. No matter what age or level of memory, I HATE BEING IN FRONT OF GROUPS OF PEOPLE! It makes me sick to my stomach.
* I do not like doing things that I think I may fail doing. Why do you think I hardly EVER sew?
*If I say no, I really mean it, but…
*I am easily guilted into things when I say no…

So, this being said, I was asked to do a calling at work and I feel sick to my stomach about it. It is WAY beyond my level of comfort and I cried at the thought of it (well, after I got home!) My first thought was… MY MOM IS GOING TO BE SO DISAPPOINTED IF I SAY NO! So I called her…. and I think she kind of laughed and then said she wouldn’t blame me for saying no…. I am at a carrefour in my little life. Say no or do it…. Do something I know for a fact I can not do…. Kind of an easy decision but it is emotionally draining me and making me sick to my stomach. I am 90% sure what I need to do but I sometimes just wish someone would make the choice for me…


in a confused, disordered, or random manner

Sometimes I feel higgledy-piggledy. I love that word. I feel like I have so much to do and not always the time to do it OR the tools to complete it. Do you want the list of what I need to do? It seems never ending to me. But I decided today I need some goals. So here they are:

  • Read my scriptures
  • Exercise at least 4 times a week
  • Blog at least 2 times a week (don’t want dumb blogs!)
  • Feel organized
  • Make my bed daily.
  • Tell people I love them more.
  • Be more loving and patient.
  • Compliment people more.
  • No gossiping.
  • Support those I don’t like.
  • Make time for myself.
  • Hike more… Be outdoors more.
  • Volunteer with the National Park Association on the trails next year.
  • Do a ropes course.

This is my list for now. I am sure it will grow. But I love checking things off so I am fine with adding to it!

Say goodbye to higgledy-piggledy Laura!


I am going to Fiji in December of 2014… and for all of you who are thinking it… Ephraim is not going! I am going with Margaret. Fiji being an island I decided I have TWO YEARS to learn to like seafood. I am sure Fiji does not have salmon but I ate that, and kind of enjoyed it! I also had Shrimp Alfredo today! WOOHOO! Two things off the list that I can eat and semi enjoy! I just need to learn to like it all 🙂