I was called as a Ward Missionary. The bishopric made it EXTREMELY well known this was not a default calling and that they were impressed strongly that this is where I need to be serving. They said it was SO STRONG!

Now, this Sunday they called my companion. Of all people in the ward, MY ROOMMATE. Once again it was made clear that this was right.

Anna and I are either gonna hate each other (which I don’t find possible) or really grow and learn something amazing.


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Arbor Village

This is the craft project my residents will be doing tomorrow. It is super easy and turned out super cute.

I picked up this pizza pan at Dollar Tree (you can really use any shape, just make sure it IS MAGNETIC!!!). I covered the inside portion with scrapbook paper. I have seen wrapping paper used in instances where the pan was too big.

I then added cute butterflies and made magnets from fake flowers and little mirrors.

They are fun because they can be catered to any theme.

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