A photo that makes me happy!

The previous post is what tickled my fancy! Any picture that has my niece and nephew in it makes me REALLY happy! I love those kids so much! Yesterday Ashlee let me walk by her while she rode a miniature horse and Ethan played footsies with my knee and giggled everytime he got me! I love being around them! MY LITTLE BUMBLEBEES!!!!!!

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Favorite Book

No doubt about it:
Pride and Prejudice! I can read it a million times and be satisfied.

I have a resident that inherited the Complete Set of Jane Austen when she was 8 and every year since then she has reread them. That is sixty years of Jane Austen! I love it!

If I could time travel, I would go back to that era of balls and such 🙂

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I decided I get a break from yesterdays post because I was changing phones and didn’t have WordPress loaded yet.

I have to say my favorite movie is “Stardust”. It has action, comedy, love, pirates, fantasy, sci fi, mystery all wrapped up into one movie. ITS GREAT!!!

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Someone emailed this to me so I guess I will do it! Not very good at things like this!

Day 1: My favorite song….

Too many to list but two songs that make me VERY happy are “Emerald City” by U.S.E. and “Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games” by Of Montreal. They remind me of very fun times like “METH” also known as Penny Candy in random towns in Montana. When I am stressed or grumpy, these two songs are on my “HAPPY” playlist 🙂

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