Decorating for holidays…

One of my favorite parts of working as a Life Enrichment Director is that I get to decorate for the holidays. Halloween is so much fun and I am slowly getting it down at work. I started in the dining room… and what made me want to blog about it is the overhearing the residents talk about them while I wait for Jessica to finish work… They love the decorations…. Here is what we did on the four pillars in the dining room. Thank you CRICUT and CONTACT PAPER! Each side has houses and bats flying around…. They are fun and easy and festive… I frequently use contact paper instead of the Cricut vinyl… SAVES MONEY 🙂



Scary Masks

While we were at Walmart today we were trying on masks. Apparently Ethan wants to be a SCARY monster for Halloween. I tried on a scary mask and talked to Little Miss Madi… I am so mean!! I almost made her cry… She even got those cute little pouty lips! It is a really good thing Jennifer was close to stop her before she started to scream! Ashlee tried it on also… and then poor Madi got tortured with a mask of her own. She probably could have fit her whole body in that mask! It is a really good thing she didn’t see it. She might have scared herself! Sorry the pictures are turned… I forgot to save them after I rotated them… OOPS!

Ethan and I also had a sword fight in the middle of the aisle… I used a little sword. He used every single knife and sword and blade he could find!