Button Fairies

We made these little guys a couple weeks ago at Arbor Village. I inherited a bunch of buttons and was looking for a creative way to use them. This is what google gave me and I absolutely love them!!! I have made many of them and gave quite a few away. Ashlee and I made a gorgeous little pink fairy today…. Too bad she has it. If I was more selfish, I would have kept it, haha! Here is how to do it:

You will need a picture of a vintage face (or current if you choose), a butterfly of your choice printed on cardstock, about 5-8 buttons of different sizes (preferably large to small), a charm or jewel for the end, a random medium sized button, and thin wire. I used sticky back tape to assemble it.

Start by cutting out your chosen face and butterfly. Using double sticky back tape attach the face to the butterfly body. You do not need the antennas.

Starting with the jewel/charm thread the wire at one end and affix it tightly. Now starting with the smallest button you will thread each button onto the wire. Make sure you have enough wire left over to make a loop to hang the button fairy.

Next place a small piece of sticky back tape on the back of the fairy and position the remaining looped wire on the tape. Glue the random button to the back to cover the tape and WHA-LA you have a button fairy 🙂

My poor…

… Little niecey-poo thought she could fly, but soon realized she couldn’t with her little two year old brother on her back. I am so grateful I can be so close to them. Everything (timewise) yesterday was perfect. Code brown on the bus caused me to put latex gloves in my purse which later allowed me to blow them up on my head and entertain Ashlee. The toilet at work was spewing water all over causing me to have to fix it and stay later at work. Because I was late, I was able to make it to Sumner 2 minutes before my sister and Ashlee so I could go to the ER in case Ashlee needed xrays. Did God have His hand in my day? It may have just been a coincidence but I like to think it was God!