Bandwagon… I jumped on!

This is the month to be thankful… so although I am starting late… I will do it!

1. Ashlee, Ethan, and Madi! They are such joys in my life! After moving tables and chairs all day, these little monkeys are the lightest, littlest cutest hyper babies EVER!!!
2. A job… most days at least!
3. My family (it’s a given!) but I love them and am so grateful for all they do for me! And I really, truly can not imagine life without them!
4. JB, also known as my super reliable car. I do have to take it in to the shop tomorrow because there is a recall… but JB has treated me well!
5. I helped Jenn vote today. I am thankful for the GIFT/Right to vote! I pray our country can turn around and that a God-living president will be elected!