I have had marriage on my mind a lot lately. NOT BECAUSE I AM READY TO GET MARRIED or even close to it but because a lot of people seem to be cheating lately. It breaks my heart! Marriage is such a sacred thing. I could NEVER imagine cheating on my spouse let alone with someone who is married. I guess I am spoiled by the GREAT examples I have around me. Namely my parents. They, to me, are the perfect example of a perfect marriage. I know marriage was not meant to be easy or happy all the time or perfect BUT I think my parents do have the perfect marriage. The respect and love they have for each other is obvious. I have never seen my parents mad at each other and I never EVER remember my parents ever fighting in front of us kids. Does that mean they have never fought? I have no idea. Either way, I hope I can find the man of my dreams and have the type of relationship my parents have. I also wish the world was more respectful of marriages and the how sacred they are. Just stop cheating people!

We’re a lot like you…

Pemco Insurance has hilarious commercials about Washingtonian Stereotypes (I just had to google that word because I could not remember it…. I think that means it is time for bed!!!). For example:

They are HILARIOUS because anyone from the Pacific Northwest can picture someone for each commercial. I dare you to Youtube them. Anyways, I found this picture on my phone today. I was shopping at Bartell’s and saw these:


I really want one now… So, those who are not from around here, watch/listen to those commercials/ads and you will learn ALL about us Washingtonians!!!

Or you can look at these hilarious ads on Pemco’s Website.

I am seeing GREEN!

Yes, I have five different colors on my nails and five different patterns. I will get a photo soon BUT, here is my March 17th collection:

Back Row: Beauty Secrets- Top Coat, Color Club Winter Affair
3rd Row: LA Colors Frog Kisses, Revlon 571 POSH, Maybelline Color Show 330 Tenacious Teal
2nd Row: Maybelline Color Show 320 Green With Envy, Maybelline Color Show 340 Go Go Green, Wet N Wild 460D Kaleidoscope
Front: Sephora Blasted Gold Crackle, Sinful Colors 946 Happy Ending

I always forget to do my toe nails before I paint my fingernails… Luckily my toenails are in good condition… Gold lasts a while!

They are crazy!

Yes, I am talking about my oldies again. They are so funny sometimes. I just assumed all old people were fuddy duddies and VERY ULTRA CONSERVATIVE. You know, there is an order to the way things go, you meet a guy, date a guy, get engaged to a guy, marry a guy, move in with a guy. That’s the order, right? I was sitting with a couple of my old ladies at Fred Meyer’s today and we were talking about my move. They asked if i had moved in with someone and I said yes. One of the ladies perked up and said, “A Fellow?” I was shocked and said NO! probably a little too loudly. She said, “Well, if you are going to move in with someone you might as well make it worth your while and move in with a fellow!” I was shocked! I couldn’t believe that came out of a little old ladies mouth!

On the other hand, I will be doing my Mint Green and Gold Crackle Manicure and party nail shamrocks on my old ladies next week. I have about six of them that requested it at manicures today. NEXT Tuesday’s manicures will be so much fun! I am super excited!

I love my oldies!

Oh, my little old ladies say the greatest things. Let me first explain my LEAST favorite time of the week is Mondays during BINGO. I don’t so much love them during BINGO. They are catty and mean, and rude, and just plain horrible to each other. I can’t even tell you how many times I have wanted to cancel it because they have been such bullies. I know they all want to think they are the “better” person, BUT COME ON… they are all in the facility for a reason. Anyways, even with the drama today during BINGO (it was very tolerable)… the ladies were kind of funny. The best thing they said? Acknowledging I have been rather sick lately, it has been hard to call BINGO and not cough… My oldies worry about me. They asked how i was feeling and I said not too bad…. One said, “You look like you are feeling better.” I said it was because I was wearing make up. Another popped up, “Oh, I didn’t notice.” Then my dear feisty “N” said, ” I noticed! You are hot when you wear make up and ugly when you don’t.” OH GOTTA LOVE THE HONESTY!!!

St. Patty’s Day 2

Sadly my rainbow and pot of gold did not last… the yellow chipped and I can’t have chipped middle fingers. I did another St. Patrick’s day theme… but I am not going to explain it. You can see pictures but an amazing nail blogger explains it so much better!

Colors of the night are:
Maybelline Color Show 320 Green with Envy: I love this brand. I need to invest in more of these colors. They are creamy… if that makes sense! This green is a nice seafoam green color. It is gorgeous!

Color Club 5688 Winter Affair (My Scented Polish): I used this for my shamrocks on the party nails.

Sephora by OPI Blasted Gold: Lately I have had a fun time with crackle polish. I have three colors of this Sephora by OPI and I love them… LOVE THEM! I got them on clearance for $3.00 also. BONUS!

Beauty Secrets Top Coat: A Sally’s Beauty Special… I like this brand.
They have a great base coat also. So onto my favorite nail blogger….

I almost bought 5 different green nail polish colors today but stopped myself… As you can see, I connected my shamrock petals AND like my designs to face the bottom of my nail. I need to learn to take pictures of my nails better!!!




P.S. Unless I am going somewhere, I never paint my nails “clean”. When I wash my hands or my hair the polish attached to my skin comes off…

Dedicated to my Sister!!

Jennifer said I needed to start a nail art blog. So, I am dedicating this post to her. Keep in mind I am a beginner… BEGINNER! I am just learning the whole nail art- art form. But I love to try… and since I can not be perfect, when I mess up, you will get those posts also! Here is my stash… It is slowly growing. Every pay-day I splurge and buy new polish. I love to try different brands… I have my favorites but that is for another day! Oh, and I have to warn you… my nails look disgusting… I broke 6 nails today! BAD DAY!


St. Patrick’s Day is coming up. This is a very simple St. Patty’s Day idea.


Supplies Needed:
Two-ended Dotting Tool
China Glaze 1112 With Love
Sinful Colors #201 Patrika
Wet and Wild Fast Dry 224C The Wonder Yellows
Color Craze (No Color Given so I have to Make it Up) Frog Kisses
Sally Hansen Gem Crush 04 Blingtastic
Color Club 5688 Winter Affair (This is Caramel Scented too!!)
Wet and Wild 424A Black
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Step 1:
Paint each of your nails one of the first five nail polish colors… I suggest waiting two minutes between each coat you use. My red polish I used one coat, orange/yellow/green I used 3 coats, and blue glitter only two. Each brand differs. Why can’t it be uniform? Obviously my red is a “salon quality” brand so it covers better. So, we painted a RAINBOW FOR St. Patrick’s Day! And, what comes with a rainbow?


Step 2:
A Pot of Gold! Using the small end of your dotting tool, make small dots in the shape of a pot. After your dots are made, swirl them together to make a solid pot. If you don’t have a dotting tool, get creative. I have used the end of toothbrushes, crochet hooks, pens, q-tips with the cotton pulled off, and then I got lucky and my sister bought me a kit!


Step 3:
Now, using the other end of your dotting tool (usually one end is small, the other is bigger) dot little gold coins. I added some outside of the pot also… And if my picture did not save right, I may be emptying my pot on the ground.

Step 4:
Paint with top coat of your choice. I am currently a fan of anything Seche Vite. Only problem… IT IS EXPENSIVE! I bought a bottle for myself (a whopping $10.00! I have never spent that much on nail polish!) and then found a great deal on Amazon buying it in bulk for $17.00ish. It is really good at smoothing out the nails, especially when you have layers and designs.

So, TADA… WE ARE FINISHED! A quick and simple manicure for St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you enjoyed! If you have any ideas let me know. I will try them out!