I love that my daddy has been able to come and visit so often. They are so far away so it is comforting to have him near… EVEN if it is only for a couple of days. I had some alone time with my daddy tonight. I guess you could call it a Father/Daughter council. I have very grateful for a loving father that is so spiritual in tune. I received a Father’s Blessing tonight and prayed with my dad. It was just what I needed. I am so thankful to my Father in Heaven for sending me into my mom and dad’s home. I guess He knows what He is doing!

Photo Sneak…

I snuck this photo at Target when I was shopping with the residents a couple of weeks ago. I laughed hard. All I have to say is that I hope I have a husband like this when I am married. He was buying feminine products, chocolate Chamomile Tea and celebrity magazines. What a good man!


Moon and Stars

I think sometimes I get so busy and I forget to look at the little beautiful moments God gives us. You know what I am talking about? Those moments when God is screaming at us to SLOW DOWN? I was driving home from work late last night to the house I am home sitting. It is in a quiet neighborhood in Auburn. parts of the windy drive have no streetlights and the moon shone down. It was peaceful and quiet. I loved it. It reminded me of a couple years ago when I went driving with the residents. We were looking at Christmas lights and were traveling down a road with NO LIGHTS and HARDLY any houses. The sky was clear. Clearer than I had seen it in a long time. The stars were out and the moon was high in the sky. We stopped the bus. We turned out the lights and just sat and looked at the moon and the stars. I really do not know if the residents remember that moment but I do know we all had a deep reverence for the beauty of that moment. That quiet, peaceful moment when no one was chasing after us, screaming at us, telling us it was time to do something. It was pure bliss… I think I need those moments more often. Those moments where I stop and slow down. (Especially because i think my body is telling me too!)

Where have I been?

It has been a long, long month! I haven’t really been on social media which is REALLY nice. So, what have I been up to? I have been sick! I went tot he doctor earlier in the month because i have had an on and off again cough for probably 6 months now. It is a pesky cough and really horrible but I only went to the doctor once or twice for it because I really am not a fan of doctor. Either way I went earlier in the month because it I had the worst pains in my ribs. When I would breathe, laugh, talk, MOVE…. it all hurt. I guess I fractured two ribs from coughing so hard (little stress fractures). They prescribed me antibiotics (that I told them I was allergic too, but obviously didn’t listen) and I itched and scratched for 10 days. On the 10th day I started to loose my voice and my cough got worse…. This happened to be the day of the Winter Ball so I had so much to do… I couldn’t take it by Monday so i went back in… SURPRISE! I had pneumonia and two more stress fractures. I had to take 3 days off work (I should have taken more) and now I am almost down with my second round of antibiotics and still feel sick… 22 days of antibiotics… bluck! I do admit I have new symptoms though so I might be getting better.


You know what the best part of this whole thing was, MY DADDY CAME TO TOWN! It was great to spend time with him. I miss my family in Chicago and excitedly I will be flying over either the beginning of April or May.

Also, I guess a main reason I have not been on the computer was my power cord died…. Thanks to a smart man, a pen, and floral tape I am back to being plugged in… 

So today on my day off… I want to do nothing. Which will drive me crazy!

Through all my pains and illnesses, I still love my life and the blessings I have in it. Life is good. God is good!