This is why I want to start blogging about all of my photos on this memory card. I know where I am headed and what I was doing BUT no idea who I was with (well, I have a couple ideas). This is another picture from college.  We were headed up to Monkey Rock in Idaho and a farmer was herding his sheep accross the road. It was completley random and I remember thinking it was forever until they moved… FOREVER! I will try to find photos of Monkey Rock.

I found a picture of Monkey Rock:
Monkey rock

A website describes Monkey Rock as,”Monkey Rock is a popular swimming hole for locals and nearby Brigham Young University-Idaho students who have learned about it from locals. The water temperature is fairly cool, which by no means is unwelcomed during the hot summer months. The waterfall is a fun feature at Monkey Rock, not to mention a popular engagement photo backdrop. The name “Monkey Rock” is derived from the crazies who jump off the rocks at the top of the falls to the pool below. Though not a great height, it’s important to be careful and only jump into areas clear of rocks and other hazards. Please use caution. Water levels fluctuate depending on the time of year, so use common sense when jumping off the rocks. When the water level is low, however, there is a water slide of sorts upstream from the falls.”

I remember times when the falls were INCREDIBLY strong. Guys would have to shove us under the water because we weren’t strong enough to make it. IT WAS STRONG! Once you were under the falls, it was so hard to breath. I remember having some fun times at Monkey Rock.