Photo Sneak…

I snuck this photo at Target when I was shopping with the residents a couple of weeks ago. I laughed hard. All I have to say is that I hope I have a husband like this when I am married. He was buying feminine products, chocolate Chamomile Tea and celebrity magazines. What a good man!


Moon and Stars

I think sometimes I get so busy and I forget to look at the little beautiful moments God gives us. You know what I am talking about? Those moments when God is screaming at us to SLOW DOWN? I was driving home from work late last night to the house I am home sitting. It is in a quiet neighborhood in Auburn. parts of the windy drive have no streetlights and the moon shone down. It was peaceful and quiet. I loved it. It reminded me of a couple years ago when I went driving with the residents. We were looking at Christmas lights and were traveling down a road with NO LIGHTS and HARDLY any houses. The sky was clear. Clearer than I had seen it in a long time. The stars were out and the moon was high in the sky. We stopped the bus. We turned out the lights and just sat and looked at the moon and the stars. I really do not know if the residents remember that moment but I do know we all had a deep reverence for the beauty of that moment. That quiet, peaceful moment when no one was chasing after us, screaming at us, telling us it was time to do something. It was pure bliss… I think I need those moments more often. Those moments where I stop and slow down. (Especially because i think my body is telling me too!)