Tomorrow we are playing jeopardy with the residents. Here are the questions:
Whose that Lady? (Women in History)
100 who wrote “Little Women?” Louisa May Alcott
200Who was the first woman (and youngest American) in space? Sally Ride
300Who was the legendary American chef, author, and television star who introduced French Cuisine to America? Julia Child
400Who was the first woman to earn one million dollars in the movie business? Mae West
500Who was the first woman appointed to the US Supreme Court? Sandra DAy O’connor
600Who was the first woman athlete (a tennis player) to earn more than $100,000 in a year? Billie Jean King

Kiddy Lit
100 A pig saved by a girl in this classic book. Charlotte’s Web
200In this story by Beverly Cleary, Ralph the mouse has adventures on a motorcycle. The Mouse and the Motorcycle
300 A cat makes pink snow in this book. The Cat in the Hat.
400 Alice in Wonderland was written by this author. Lewis Carroll
500 The Series of Little House on the prairie author. Laura Ingalls Wilder

What Year is it?
100 Columbus sailed the ocean blue, 1492
200 The Declaration of Independence was signed. 1776
300 World War 1 began. 1914
400 The year the US entered WWII. 1941
500 The Berlin Wall fell in this year. 1989

Musical Instruments
100 The smallest instrument of the woodwind family. Piccolo
200 Instrument played by blowing on the mouthpiece and moving a slide. Trombone
300 This is the largest instrument in the string family. Double Bass
400 This is the largest instrument in the woodwind family. Contrabasson
500 These are the 4 groups of instruments in an orchestra. Percussion, Strings, Brass, and woodwinds

Famous Works of Art
100 Michelangelo painted the ceiling of this building. Sistine Chapel
200 This artist was known for his paintings, but he was also an inventor. Leonardo da Vinci
300 da Vinci’s famous work. The Last Supper
400 The Starry Night and Sunflowers are two of his famous works. Vincent Van Gogh
500 Cubism was developed by this artist. Pablo Picasso

Onomatopoeia (Sound Words)
100 Sound of a mouse getting stepped on. Squeak
200 Sound of a car running into a tree. Crash
300 Sound of someone jumping into a pool. Splash
400 Cow sound. MOO
500 Sound of kids sliding down a hill on a sled. Wheeeeeeee