Break Time Musings

Some days are by far way better than others.

I have an appointment next Monday, BRIGHT AND EARLY, on my day off to get my oil changed.

This morning while driving to work the oil light came on. I pulled off to Fred Meyers to get oil, just to top it off until the appointment… and dumped it in (as well as the washer fluid which has been empty for a month now).

I went to screw on the cap and it fell





abyss of the front end.

I tried shaking the car to see if it would come lose…. No such luck.

I googled to see what to do and there suggestion was DUCT tape and a shop rag, BACK INTO FRED MEYERS I GO. I clorox wiped everything clean so the duct tape would hold and drove half a mile away to the auto part store.

You know, just my luck my car can’t be simple. It has 3… yes THREE options for the engine oil cap…. Why does there need to be three options? We took them out and tried them on the engine and one of them fit better than the rest… (Why was there females working in the shop who were clueless?)

I drove down the hill, through Renton Landing, onto Lake Washington BLVD and CLUNK! GRIND! SHAKE! That doesn’t sound or smell right. I knew either something really bad was wrong or the cap was somewhere it shouldn’t be.

I waited 30 minutes for AAA to come and tell me I didn’t need to be towed because he found the cap… all mangled and burned and stinky….


We went on for 5 minutes on if that was really the best choice to drive off or of I should still head to the mechanic… he said his only concern was they sold me the wrong engine oil cap…. UGH!!!! The mechanic agreed I would probably be okay but still extended my appointment on Monday to include some checks.

This is such a long story for a short thought: “Can I just catch a break? Please? What have I done to deserve such bad karma lately?” Good news? I didn’t break my Whole30 challenge through this pain. Even better, a coworker asked me today while we were serving pizza if things even still looked or smelled good. I answered of course, the desire is just not there to eat it. When I set my mind to something I am pretty unbreakable.

Oh my head!

I don’t even know what to title this post. I didn’t blog yesterday BUT it wasn’t because I failed Whole30. Besides not eating dinner last night and eating cashews and grapes on the way home instead, I am still plugging away on my 30 days. Yesterday was a ROUGH day because I had a migraine of all migraines. The blurry vision plus the auras, the pounding head, nausea…. it was hard. This morning my jaw still hurts from clenching so I am opting for a liquid breakfast of Chia seeds, coconut milk, and almond milk with some pureed strawberries and blueberries.

Lunch and dinner will be soup today. Beef Stew and chicken crockpot soup… Just needing something soft today.