I notice a change.

I do feel better. After 9 days of Whole30 I notice a little difference. I can feel it in my joints and I haven’t had any migraines. There really is something to eating healthy!

For lunch  today I had crockpot chicken over a sweet potato. It was super tasty but I expected it to be spicier. I will for sure make it again and add more hot peppers for spice.

I also purchased the Primal Mayo to finish off my dill chicken salad recipe from the other day. (I really don’t think it is worth it to make my own mayo!) Primal will definitely be an acquired taste but it is also not something I expect to use often (especially at $9 a jar!).

I noticed the amount I am eating has decreased quite a bit. Before Whole30 I would have downed this salad and probably still had something else. I ate only half before I was full. I use to wake up hungry, now I don’t. I don’t think the past couple days I have felt hungry at all. I kind of like that!

Tomorrow for breakfast I am going to try a sweet potato latke… kind of excited to try something new again!

Not a manic Monday!

I slept in today! It felt so good. I woke up at 8, stayed in bed for an extra hour and a half watching Netflix and then got up to make Breakfast! What a perfect way to start a day off! 

Although I thought I took a photo, apparently I did not. Breakfast was 3 halved strawberries, 1 piece of bacon, half a SMALL avocado (they are so cute!), and one fried egg cooked with no oil and topped with a dusting of paprika. It looked pretty on the plate!