Apple Crisp

Oh it smells so good when you can’t have it! So did the mashed potatoes and meatloaf I served the residents tonight!

Day 4 is complete! Although that food smelled good, it really wasn’t much of a temptation. On the way home at 7:45pm I ate some carrot sticks and yellow peppers and am going to bed full. Do any of you  find a different in the taste of baby carrots and peeling and cutting the regular carrots? Regular carrots taste so much better to me.

Anyways, I have this! I mean, yes, there  is still 26 more days… but I am going to do this!!

Worth it!

I think with any goal you try to complete having support can be the key to success. This getting healthy business is going to be hard work BUT I have the support. Financially I feel it 100% worth it to get messages that are real and truthful and don’t sugar coat things. PRAY I don’t  bite any heads off today!!