Do the Puyallup

Just a couple photos from the fair. I brought my salad, grapes, and sliced veggies and didn’t cheat at all! A French fry even landed on my Tupperware lid and there it stayed. It would have been all too easy to eat that little piece of fry… but I didn’t! 

So, what were my temptations at the Fair? Definitely the French fries and even worse the Dole Whips. I have always wanted one. I guess another day I will try.

After the fair I finished meal prep for the week. I roasted chicken and veggies, cut fruit, and packaged it all up. If I can just stay in this meal prep ahead of time I should be good.

Labor Day

Today I am going to the Washington State Fair with my sister and her babies. Do you know what that means? FAIR FOOD! Or, not!

Breakfast this morning was originally a cheese-free egg white omelette… but it didn’t flip, so scramble it was.

I prepackaged my lunch to avoid needing to buy food. Once again No Name salad… it is just so good, carrots and tomatoes, and frozen grapes. I do have almonds not pictured also. Tonight I will post about the fair. And possibly post about temptations at the fair.