My Newest Journey

Is re-journey a word? Today I begin the Whole30 Challenge! I have been so unhappy lately and I know it is because of weight gain and just not feeling healthy. I am not going to blame it on illness, or stress, or any other life factor. It is my fault I gained weight and now I am taking back control! So, you can follow along with my journey or just ignore it, but by being open and vocal about my successes and failures I hope my “community” will hold me accountable.

This Whole30 Challenge does not scare me at the moment. I feel like there is enough options that I can successfully manage this phase with “real” food. What does scare me? The word diet…. I don’t want to eat too much or not enough… I don’t want to get bored with what I am eating. What if I fail? What if I disappoint my health coach and friend (and coworker)? Obviously none of those are a goal. Today I vow they will not happen.

Last night after work I did my grocery shopping and even better came home and prepped. I chopped up vegetables and froze them for breakfasts, prepped a crock pot beef stew, and made a plan.

Here is my food for the day:

Egg white scramble with squash, onions, peppers, and herbs

A handful of unsalted pistachios

1/2 cup red grapes

No-name salad

No-name salad? I don’t know what to call it. But here is how I made it.

I love Trader Joe’s. Whenever I am trying to be healthy this vegetable mix is a must-have for me. I put it in soups, in salads, and when I could eat quinoa, steamed with quinoa. It includes broccoli, carrots, green bell peppers (with an occasional red pepper piece snuck in), green and red cabbage, jicama, radish, and celery.

1 cup Trader Joe’s Healthy 8 chopped veggie mix

1 small avocado, chopped

Two 2″ patties of pork sausage (I mixed the spices by hand, and steamed the meat to a crumble)

A splash of olive oil

2 tsps apple cider vinegar

A shake each of garlic powder, ginger powder, onion powder

2 shakes of chili powder

Stir and enjoy. I only ate half of the prepared dish. I probably could have eaten the whole amount but feared that over eating.

It was delicious!!!

Tonight for dinner I am excited for crock pot beef stew!

Tuesday, I begin the physical fitness which I truly feel will be the hardest part. More to come soon including my “why”.