First Day


Today I had orientation and all staff meeting at my new job at Aegis of Lynnwood.  I am terrified yet super excited for this opportunity. I think the two hardest parts of having a job is the commute after work and having to wear shoes. For the past two and a half months I have worn sandles and flip flops…. MY FEET NOW HATE SHOES.

My main project as of today is creating the schedule for myself and two full-time assistants… WAIT! Did you read that? TWO FULL-TIME ASSISTANTS! I get 2 assistants for a quarter of the residents I am use to having. It is nice and exciting to have more support. Tomorrow I am going to the carnival for my first official event.

The photo is from the clinic getting my TB test. There was a lot of interesting people at the clinic. It is an L&I clinic and kind of sketchy. I sat in the only single chair away from all the interesting people. Next to the water cooler…. a weird guy kept coming and spitting in the garbage. YUCK!

If I remember I need to blog about working at the Almond Roca factory and Almond Roca at the meeting today.

Foot and Apple



Jennifer had surgery on her foot last Tuesday. I hung out with them on Wednesday. Madi and I ran to pick up Jenn’s meds. Before we even got to the store this little cutie insisted we needed apples. OF ALL THE THINGS AUNTIE LALA could buy at the store, she wanted and apple.