Pink Cake with Purple Clowns on it…

I have decided when I remember something I really need to write it down… the funny thing is… I couldn’t remember how I started thinking of this. I hate having my birthday so close to Christmas… so as the true princess I am, I tried to give my mom and dad a hard time by requesting crazy/weird cakes. One year I requested a pink cake with a purple crown on it. I remember talking to my mom later in the day and she said something about a pink cake with purple clowns on it. Because I think my birthday is miserable (what is the point!) I almost broke out into tears because I didn’t want clowns. Of all the things I could cry about. I know, I AM A PRINCESS. So, as I was relaxing in the hot water, why was I thinking about this cake? It is months after my birthday and not even close to it! I was reading “The Little Princess” and started thinking about how her daddy says, “Every Little Girl Is a Princess”. And VOILA! I thought of my cake. But to be truthfully honest. I remembered like 15 minutes after the fact what made me think of the cake!

And NOW because I was such a snot… I need to go and do something nice for someone. In this troubling world… someone as spoiled as me should never cry over clowns on a cake, especially because I got the crown!

Author: laurasznn

I am a conservative, slightly old-fashioned crazy girl. I love to read, write, sew, scrapbook, cook, bake, do crafts, enjoy nature, take my car off-roading, ride my bike, and just stay busy. I sometimes say I want a lazy day BUT I hate not having anything to do which means I frequently stretch myself too thin. I am the Life Enrichment Director at an assisted living facility. I love being around the elderly population. They are such amazing people who have so much to offer and teach. I also love the little guys too... I love being around kids, especially my nieces and nephews! In December of 2019 I was diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation that quite literally may have been a life changing diagnosis. I went from feeling like I was crazy. To maybe having answers.

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