They are crazy!

Yes, I am talking about my oldies again. They are so funny sometimes. I just assumed all old people were fuddy duddies and VERY ULTRA CONSERVATIVE. You know, there is an order to the way things go, you meet a guy, date a guy, get engaged to a guy, marry a guy, move in with a guy. That’s the order, right? I was sitting with a couple of my old ladies at Fred Meyer’s today and we were talking about my move. They asked if i had moved in with someone and I said yes. One of the ladies perked up and said, “A Fellow?” I was shocked and said NO! probably a little too loudly. She said, “Well, if you are going to move in with someone you might as well make it worth your while and move in with a fellow!” I was shocked! I couldn’t believe that came out of a little old ladies mouth!

On the other hand, I will be doing my Mint Green and Gold Crackle Manicure and party nail shamrocks on my old ladies next week. I have about six of them that requested it at manicures today. NEXT Tuesday’s manicures will be so much fun! I am super excited!