I love my oldies!

Oh, my little old ladies say the greatest things. Let me first explain my LEAST favorite time of the week is Mondays during BINGO. I don’t so much love them during BINGO. They are catty and mean, and rude, and just plain horrible to each other. I can’t even tell you how many times I have wanted to cancel it because they have been such bullies. I know they all want to think they are the “better” person, BUT COME ON… they are all in the facility for a reason. Anyways, even with the drama today during BINGO (it was very tolerable)… the ladies were kind of funny. The best thing they said? Acknowledging I have been rather sick lately, it has been hard to call BINGO and not cough… My oldies worry about me. They asked how i was feeling and I said not too bad…. One said, “You look like you are feeling better.” I said it was because I was wearing make up. Another popped up, “Oh, I didn’t notice.” Then my dear feisty “N” said, ” I noticed! You are hot when you wear make up and ugly when you don’t.” OH GOTTA LOVE THE HONESTY!!!

St. Patty’s Day 2

Sadly my rainbow and pot of gold did not last… the yellow chipped and I can’t have chipped middle fingers. I did another St. Patrick’s day theme… but I am not going to explain it. You can see pictures but an amazing nail blogger explains it so much better!

Colors of the night are:
Maybelline Color Show 320 Green with Envy: I love this brand. I need to invest in more of these colors. They are creamy… if that makes sense! This green is a nice seafoam green color. It is gorgeous!

Color Club 5688 Winter Affair (My Scented Polish): I used this for my shamrocks on the party nails.

Sephora by OPI Blasted Gold: Lately I have had a fun time with crackle polish. I have three colors of this Sephora by OPI and I love them… LOVE THEM! I got them on clearance for $3.00 also. BONUS!

Beauty Secrets Top Coat: A Sally’s Beauty Special… I like this brand.
They have a great base coat also. So onto my favorite nail blogger….

I almost bought 5 different green nail polish colors today but stopped myself… As you can see, I connected my shamrock petals AND like my designs to face the bottom of my nail. I need to learn to take pictures of my nails better!!!




P.S. Unless I am going somewhere, I never paint my nails “clean”. When I wash my hands or my hair the polish attached to my skin comes off…