Activity Professional Appreciation Week- I got carded!

Guess What? I am an activity professional so my boss took me and 3 other ladies out to lunch today. It was a lot of fun and my day was 100% made by the events of the lunch. We arrived at Red Robins and the waitress suggested we sit in the booth at the bar because it was empty. We sat down and I told the ladies we were going to get carded. As soon as my boss sat down the waitress came and asked to see my ID. The other four adults went to reach for their IDs and she said she would be glad to look at them but she only wanted to check mine! WOOHOO! We ended up getting kicked out of the bar booth because one of the other ladies admitted to leaving hers at work. I just love that I was the only one not to get carded. I must look like a baby compared to them, haha!