I ate the eggs, and tried the guts!

I think sometimes food can be a mighty big adventure! And since having an adventure was one of my new year goals… I can say I had a teeny tiny adventure tonight!
Blue Crab Blog

I ate okay TRIED Manila Blue Crab tonight! It is a crab from the Philippines that is kind of small so it has VERY little meat, leaving room for it’s slimy guts and giant, bright orange egg sacs. Yes, I tried and egg sac, and taste tested the guts, ALL while my “sissy” Jessica was telling me I wouldn’t like it… well, to be 100% honest, it wasn’t too bad… it was the thought of what I was eating that made me gag (as they sat laughing at me!). I would try it again… give me some time, but I really would try it again. I also ate the meat which I surprisingly enjoyed. So now I can cross Manila Blue Crab off my culinary bucket list. And if you want proof that I ate it, here it is:

I DID IT!!!!
I DID IT!!!!

And here is the little guy looking at me while I ate pansit with Chinese Sausage, rice, watermelon, and Sinigang (a sour soup…):


P.S.S. and Yes that is the Seahawks WINNING in the background!