So, I will not hide my obsession… All I can currently think of is how to paint my nails… I think about it all the time… ALL THE TIME… if you could only see my internet history you would see just how bad it is… a while ago we used packing tape to do image transfers… I have decided I am going to experiment and put the maintenance men’s faces on my ring fingers (because they just don’t get it…). It might actually only end up being one of the maintenance men who get the HIGH HONORS of being on my fingernails but if it works, I will post a photo… or maybe a tutorial, if I am feeling up to it 🙂 AHHH, I just did super cute bubbly looking, multi-colored polka dots on my nails and I want to remove the color and do it again!!!! HMMM, maybe I will do candles for my birthday!