Longest Week of my Life!!!

I am pretty sure I have had longer weeks but this past week has been LONG! At times I absolutely hated it, but I feel blessed to have accomplished everything I have. I feel blessed to have my health and brains to do what I do! I am not sure I can even remember EVERYTHING that went on…

Saturday, September 1st-

First day of my four day weekend! I really needed a break from work. It was time SO Labor Day came at the perfect time. This day the Hathaway’s and I  loaded up to head to Pacwood. On the way in some little hole in the wall butcher we stopped for some beef jerky. I am lately all for trying new things and I tried buffalo meet and even tried the pepperoni. I think it is time to expand my diet because they were good. Most things I have tried lately have been pretty good… different tastes of course, that will take some getting use to but not bad. They did have giant pickles that were amazing.


They have a HUMONGUOUS swap meet twice a year. We are talking almost every corner of this miles long main street packed with vendors and other booths. Mostly it was antiques and other overpriced junk. i am sure I could have found something if I dug deep enough but it was mostly fun to people watch in this HICK of all hick towns… But I did see a bunch of red glass that matches my parents! Growing up we had a red plate tradition where if it was a special day for you, you got to use the red china… Someday I will do that with my family also. I have fond memories of it.



A lot of driving this day but a lot of laughs also!

Sunday, September 2nd-

A true day of rest!

Monday, September 1st-

Labor Day. Packed up to stay the week at Jessica’s but first had to do some massive shopping with Margaret. It started at The Old Cannery in Sumner with free hot dogs and browsing and then went quickly like this: Home Goods, Marshalls, some other furniture store in the mall, Burlington Coat Factory, Bed Bath and Beyond, Fred Meyer’s, Dairy Queen, Home to decorate, Dairy Queen, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Home to decorate. I then went to Jessica’s house. It was her parent’s anniversary and since “I am family” now they wanted me to stop by. Days get a little fuzzy from here on out… SO I will make a list of things that were done until Friday:

  • Taught Jessica to Hem Jeans using a rotary blade.
  • Taught her how to sew straight lines.
  • Make banners for Grandparent’s Day
  • Fix Pink Shirt
  • Fix Jessica’s Costumes
  • Iron the Costumes
  • Eat Crepes
  • Make Sock Bun BUNS out of Loofah Sponges
  • Make Apples for Marketing


  • Hem Sheers for Margaret, hang sheers
  • Dye Jessica’s hair (funny story! The gloves had holes in them so I have funny ugly black stains between my thumbs and pointer fingers… They use to be black… now they just look DIRTY!)
  • Make props for Grandparents Day
  • Make Back Drops

I am sure there was more but I have seemed to forget.

Friday, September 7th-

Set Jessica up to make bed rails, and more banners, cleaned up the garden area at work. Went to storage to pick up tables for Saturday, picked up chairs from the Inn, unloaded everything, went to stand up, took the residents shopping at Fred Meyer’s, went with Casey to pick up the cotton candy machine, went to Harlyn and Fairbanks for supplies, free popcorn, and a free slushy, took the residents banking, took the residents to Dollar Tree while I zoomed to Target and Top Foods to get more supplies for Saturday. Came back and moved probably 40-50 chairs, three canopies and a helium tank from other buildings to my building. Left work, went to Margaret’s to do more shopping at Home Goods, Ross, and Michael’s. Went to her home, decorated some more, went to IHOP with her family, and then went back to Jessica’s (or I should say Mel’s because Jessica was not home 🙂 ) Made lists for what needed to be done Saturday morning and tried to go to sleep… (at like 1:15am)

Saturday, September 8th-


Woke up WAY TOO EARLY BUT HAD A LOT ON MY MIND. Got ready and headed to Fred Meyer’s  to get last minute supplies. Went to AV to start setting up. There was a lot that went into it and we had a lot of help from (ALMOST) everybody PLUS 50 volunteers who came into do some work for us. It was crazy and a whirlwind of business and a long 8 to 3:30 day of non-stop running. And then of course I ran back to Margaret’s to finish up the shopping and do more decorating. So now we come to the important part 🙂 Pictures of Grandparent’s Day AND Margaret’s nearly finished master bed and bath!

Well, I will post them soon at least 🙂

Author: laurasznn

I am a conservative, slightly old-fashioned crazy girl. I love to read, write, sew, scrapbook, cook, bake, do crafts, enjoy nature, take my car off-roading, ride my bike, and just stay busy. I sometimes say I want a lazy day BUT I hate not having anything to do which means I frequently stretch myself too thin. I am the Life Enrichment Director at an assisted living facility. I love being around the elderly population. They are such amazing people who have so much to offer and teach. I also love the little guys too... I love being around kids, especially my nieces and nephews! In December of 2019 I was diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation that quite literally may have been a life changing diagnosis. I went from feeling like I was crazy. To maybe having answers.

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