… sometimes I just need to write… get my feelings out. I think the end is near. I am a pretty stubborn person. When someone tells me something won’t work or won’t last I want to prove them wrong…. A lot of people say a long distance relationship won’t work and I secretly new it. It is hard when the other half is really private and won’t message you back… or is so afraid you will think of them poorly they won’t let you in. I am really sick of people also thinking I am some wimpy thang that needs to be “protected”. Either way… when you hold information back… sometimes the lies come to protect yourself and I am not stupid… I see the lies. So, i am 100% sure the end is near. I love that guy so of course it hurts a little bit but that is life… I just wished he would understand I am here for him but OH WELL… I am thinking a big single pityparty is coming up!!

I think what makes it worse is there are quite a few people that will be happy about the upcoming break up…. that is almost what hurts the most because up until recently I have been very happier… HAPPIER than I have been in a long time…

Needless to say… because I am being so honest about my feelings I am going private again… Don’t want the social media world to know how I feel… only those I choose… AS USUAL!!!

Author: laurasznn

I am a conservative, slightly old-fashioned crazy girl. I love to read, write, sew, scrapbook, cook, bake, do crafts, enjoy nature, take my car off-roading, ride my bike, and just stay busy. I sometimes say I want a lazy day BUT I hate not having anything to do which means I frequently stretch myself too thin. I am the Life Enrichment Director at an assisted living facility. I love being around the elderly population. They are such amazing people who have so much to offer and teach. I also love the little guys too... I love being around kids, especially my nieces and nephews! In December of 2019 I was diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation that quite literally may have been a life changing diagnosis. I went from feeling like I was crazy. To maybe having answers.

One thought on “Well…”

  1. First of all. Everyone just wants you to be happy!
    Second of all. If you have to work so hard to make things work, then it’s not worth it!

    You are a wonderful person Laura, you just need to remember that!

    Sounds like you should start going up to the singles ward in Graham. Yes it’s a drive but I have heard it’s great! Come out of your shell and let people in! 🙂

    love you!


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