day 25- what I would find in your bag

I got out of bed JUST to grab my purse!!!

1. My kindle
2. My wallet
3. Craft Glue Dots
4. Whipped Vanilla body creme by Beyong Belief (SOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!)
5. A Purple Pen
6. 2 HEMPZ lotion
7. Clinique lipstick/lip gloss combo
8. A Camera
9. Ibuprofen
10. A Black Pen that came home form my desk
11. Mary Kay tinted lip balm in the color BLUSH. i love this tube! I will be sad when it is out!!! SO SAD!
12. Some loose paper money that is now in my wallet
13. $1.18 in loose coins that is now in my wallet.
14. Bobbey Pins
15. Laura Gellar lip stain in Berry…. My lips are normal pretty pink or red but when I start to get sick or do not get enough sleep (or drink enough water!) they turn whiteish so I LOVE THIS LIP STAIN!!!!

And in case you are wondering, I am using a bright red shiny purse (medium sized) with Armyesque type buckets and O-rings. I think it is time to switch purses today though because I have used this purse for a week or two…. I LOVE PURSES! Every year I buy myself a purse for my birthday and I do not think I have bought myself a purse this year (besides in January!) so I am excited for next month! OOPS Yes I did buy two purses this year! Maybe 4! I am so bad! OH WELL!!!