day 19- write about a sweet memory from your past

Since I just rewatched them yesterday…. My sweet memory from the past has to do with Santa Claus. I know I have the best parents… I don’t even have to think about it. When we were kids we would wake up on Christmas Day to videos that Santa existed. It was pretty much magical. I have watched them since I was a child and could never guess who they had play Santa Claus until yesterday… IT WAS MY DAD! It finally clicked that Santa was my daddy!!! Hilights from the movies include my dad climbing out from behind the couch because he saw Santa and running to wake us kids… my mom sleeping on the couch and seeing Santa so she ran to wake up the kids… the year my daddy fell asleep in the rocking chair and Santa put the presents out around him (still do not know who Santa was that year…). How many parents do you know who would take the time to do something like that for their kids? The movies even involved split screen technology (from the 1980’s!) of Santa dissapearing up the chimney and veggies being thrown up for the reindeer. My parents even put Santa whiskers on the cookies and milk and flour foot prints of Santa’s boots near the fire place. I remember childhood always being magical. My parents are creative parents. Everything as a child was an adventure. I hope someday I can be as creative as them so my children’s childhood is just has magical.

Thank You, Mom and Dad!!!