There are times I wonder why I work at Arbor Village. It can be frustrating and stressful…. AS WITH ANY JOB. Days that end like today make it better for a couple of reasons:

1. the door decorating contest 2. reminisce, and 3. Tania.

1.We are doing a door decorating contest this year at my building… it may be the last one also because the Fire Marshall dinged us for: “improper fire doors ensconced in holiday paper”. Ba Hum Bug to you also Mr. Fire Marshal!! The fact that most of the staff are getting involved makes it worth it (to me at least!). It has been fun and competitive and GREAT team work and really has strengthened and unified us for the season. It is a fun healthy competition. Even the residents are making decorations for eachother’s doors so they will be decorated also. The little elves in the building are running wild and I LOVE IT! We even have staff coming in on their free time to work on doors. Bragging rights are everything at AV! I will post pictures tommorow…

2. Every Tuesday we have an organized Reminisce activity. I say organized because we always reminisce with whatever we are doing. Sometimes we all leave crying because the stories touch each of us. I don’t really know how to explain it but our “reminisce” group really is like a little family. Because we talk about our lives every week… we know more about eachother than just about everybody else.

3. TANIA! I love TANIA! She is one of my residents. I shouldn’t have favorites but she is one of my most favorites! She tells her family that sometimes she is my mother, sometimes I am hers and other times we are just sisters. I just got off the phone with her. We were talking for about 45 minutes. She just got a Kindle Fire so I am helping her download books via AMAZON. Do you know how hard it is to teach an old lady what WIFI and what tabbed browsing is? Anyways, certain titles would come up and she would have stories and reasons why I MUST READ those books. She is bound and determined to have me educated in ALL the worlds of literary works…. The good and the bad. She wants me to have all the knowledge I can receive in my little brain. I don’t really consider her an old lady. She is so smart… She knows EVERYTHING. I learn so much from her. She is one of my best friends which is odd considering our age difference.

Anyways… I left work in a good mood despite XBOX having an update that completley changed the look and took me a while to get Netflix working again…


day 7- a picture of someone/something that has had a big impact on you

I have had my worst moments and best moments at this building. It is a very emotional place. I either LOVE it or HATE it. There is really no inbetween. I started working with the elderly population because I was so interested in Alzheimer’s disease. I can not even tell you how many reports I did on it growing up. My Grandma Jenks had Amzleimer’s Disease. Working with elderly people takes a special person. Turns out I was one of those special people. I am kind of sad at times I do activities now because I really miss taking one on one care of the residents. I love them though. the other day we were reminiscing about Christmas and we were all in tears. Happy tears! That happens alot! I wiss I could fully explain how I feel about Arbor Village….