Day 8

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

Since I am still awake and its after midnight, I can do my daily post 🙂

I have three short term goals for the rest of the month AND guess what, they all have to do with work!!!

1) Get newsletters all folded. Still need to print 200 more
2) Design Mother’s Tea invitations
3) Finish May’s calendar…

I think I can manage them…


A couple years ago Arbor Village was bought out by new owners. It was tough on the residents and staff. Many things changed and it was hard to embrace. Now we see the importance of those changes. A building was recently bought out and their residents and staff are also having a tough time. Tomorrow a bus load of their residents are coming to “play” with us. We are going to give them little floral arrangements. My job was to make the tags. They turned out pretty cute 🙂