November 7

I am thankful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I have a testimony in this Gospel. I know it is true and can touch the lives of anybody willing to accept it into their lives. I feel the strength I receive from being a member every single day. I am grateful prayers are answered (whether bug or small) if I have the faith to wait for an answer. I trust the Lord WITH ALL MY heart and I know things happen for a reason. I am thankful for a true prophet on this earth who leads and guides us. I know he and his apostles as well as all the leaders in the church will not lead us away. I am most grateful families are forever. I strive everyday to be worthy enough to live with them forever.

I am very grateful for the work missionaries do. In the short time of being a Ward Missionary, I see the marvelous work they do.

I know this Church is true and will never deny it.

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Author: laurasznn

I am a conservative, slightly old-fashioned crazy girl. I love to read, write, sew, scrapbook, cook, bake, do crafts, enjoy nature, take my car off-roading, ride my bike, and just stay busy. I sometimes say I want a lazy day BUT I hate not having anything to do which means I frequently stretch myself too thin. I am the Life Enrichment Director at an assisted living facility. I love being around the elderly population. They are such amazing people who have so much to offer and teach. I also love the little guys too... I love being around kids, especially my nieces and nephews! In December of 2019 I was diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation that quite literally may have been a life changing diagnosis. I went from feeling like I was crazy. To maybe having answers.

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