Is Wednesday. I am seriously praying hard it ends up being a super easy day. I am too tired to deal with a stressful driving day. On the good end, my family comes to Washington soon. It is really the place where they all belong… Don’t know about this Chicago business. I am extremely excited to see them 🙂 This will probably be a VERY long weekend, and the week is not even over yet.

Yesterday I drove the memory care building to Dash Point. It ended up being rather foggy west of Kent, and although they wouldn’t remember, I was afraid we wouldn’t see ANY of the waterfront. I said a little prayer that the fog would clear up enough to see something (IT WAS VERY THICK!!!) We drove past the park because of an emergency closure. We drove on a little more to a cliff and the fog cleared enough to see across the water. Another prayer answered and I am so grateful for it! Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ sure do love us! I am so thankful for little prayers answered!

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